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"I would highly recommend this course to all musicians. What an informative and interesting 10 weeks that have helped my sight reading and musicianship tremendously!

Adam is an outstanding teacher, who provides really useful resources and explains everything so well.

I can’t rave about this course enough!"

Musicianship Courses for Adults

Pathways to Embodied Musicianship

What participants have said about the courses...

"This course was challenging and inspiring. I would thoroughly recommend it to any musical educators wanting to improve their practice.

Adam is a thoughtful, clear and committed teacher who will throw you in at the deep end but then expertly help you to find your way satisfyingly through new concepts!"

"I loved how interactive the course was and how engaging and knowledgable Adam was as a teacher. When starting this course I had limited knowledge of Kodály or how it could help me with sight-reading and musicianship. In just 10 weeks the techniques we have worked through have improved my tonal awareness, sight-reading and stylistic awareness. I would definitely recommend this course!"

"Fascinating course covering so much content. It was so enjoyable and inspiring to be stretched and challenged as a professional musician.

The course highlighted for me how relevant and useful this methodology is for musicians regardless of age, skill and background."

"I would highly recommend Adam's clear and meticulously planned course. It was so informative and engaging and I will be incorporating what I have learned into work with my choirs."


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Single Courses

Course A, Advanced Musicianship – £100

Course B, Choral Methodology – £50

Course C, Sight-singing – £50

Multiple Courses

Course A, B and C – £170

Course B and C – £85

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